Social Media Shutdown

Right today was the big day. I closed – deactivated three social media accounts.

The simple reason why is they were wasting my limited time and resources. Having calculated the time spent per month on maintaining them and what I generated in return blogging is more effective.

Why I quit LinkedIn?

Last week I was outraged by one of the most sexist statements I had read for many years. The female contributor who had written the piece reacted with hostility towards any male comment on her perception.

That was fine. But when her argument was challenged rationally her response was to shout that she was being bullied. If you cannot challenge the content of a post, the perception or experience of the person then there is no reason to be in the forum.

Over the years my views have been described as stupid, uninformed, uneducated and prehistoric. The names in private messages and offensive direct messages were to be expected when I express moral bias.

Therefore where the forum doesn’t protect freedom of speech, plus open, honest and frank exchanges are unacceptable because they are viewed as bullying I decided I have better things to do with my time.

Why I quit Twitter?

With a combined account following of over 3,000 followers and as many tweets. I decided it was time to take a look at what I was achieving by putting time into this social media platform.

The answer, zero! People didn’t use the links to review blog posts and no new enquiries came from the tweets. Most of the time I was sifting unwanted links and followers.

So again it was time to ditch the twitter accounts.


Friends on facebook, followers on Twitter and connections on linkedin aren’t always what they appear to be. They drain time and energy from other more improtant things and people.

Time spent online deprives those closest to you of your  most valuable contribution to their lives, your time and interest.

Don’t get sucked in too deep, remember there are really trees outside, people who have voices and needs. One act of kindness is more fulfilling than any time spent on the internet sharing with people you don’t know.

You are valuable, your time is of great value to others so give it freely. Live a real life and leave the Avatars to the dreamers.


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