Blog Avoidance

Hi All,

Taking a month out of blogging has been interesting as my aim was to return to some reasonable perspective. Something you lose when the only thoughts you express are your own.

It is interesting to watch TV commentators fall into the trap of believing that their perception is shared by the majority. That somehow because they think something is right that all reasonable people feel or think the same.

It’s not true!

Reasonable people are just that, independent they collect the information, shift it through their life experience and draw their own conclusions.

So many settle for spoon fed news and opinion, they fail to explore and examine for themselves. One of my favourite examples of this is the origin of life and the universe. Science is divided, just at it is on climate change and the likelihood of an asteroid destroying the earth.

All we really know is that human history – the written record is around 5,000 years, architectural evidence from the buildings that remain limit humanity to 10,000 years anything else is guesswork.

A few weeks ago I took the time to review the evidence linked to the find that indicated that humanity had existed for more than 300,000 years. To say it is sketchy is actually over stating it, the opinion is drawn from an interpretation of knowns and then creating the association. I’m not going to say whether I think they are right or wrong. Thats for you to decide.

What I do know is everything we accept as a fact because we have been told it or seen it on TV, or read it doesn’t stack up until the whole picture is understood. Here’s the irony scientists will never know if they are right or wrong because by the time their evidence is reviewed and tested they’ll be dead.

Lesson? Don’t be sheep, every opinion and every conclusion needs to be challenged by the one person who it matters to – YOU!

My personal journey points to science being flawed on so many levels, therefore we do well to ask ourselves “am I satisfied with academics interpreting the world around me or do I need to understand for myself?” I decided the latter. It makes a real difference.

I have read science, philosophy, history and many religious books, the conclusion I have drawn echos the words of the Bible Proverb “everything is vanity and striving after the wind”.

For a species that needs to be in control we are the most chaotic, life form in the universe like a dog chasing its tail happy lost in ourselves. We need to look outwards and find the real meaning of life, existence and what fulfillment is.

Thanks for reading.


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