Hope For Humanity

Political posturing creates an inevitable level of insecurity as experience has taught us all that we can’t trust any government where short term thinking is at the heart of its decision making.

So over the weekend I settled my mind to reflect on the things that are most important to us all.


Governments provide the minimum or basic levels of care with little attention to getting to the cause of disease and illness, the impact of human domination and restricting access. Would you cure malaria? TB? Leprosy? and so many other preventable diseases. My first answer is Yes, deal with the immediate problem and then prevent it where it can be done.

Half the world is so poor they don’t know if there is a next meal and the other half gluttony has caused so many ailments.

Billions are spent on curing a preventable situation if things were shared on the basis of real need. It is nice to have luxury but not at the expense of a child’s eyesight or an elderly persons care.

Solution? Jesus fed the crowds, cared for the illnesses that physicians hadn’t been able to cure. His Kingdom will restore health and wellbeing to all those who chose to serve him. Remember the words that everlasting life is the product of exercising faith and getting to know him and his father.

Simple really if you know someone can do it why settle for a poor imitation. Human governments never solve problems.

Therefore we all need to begin with the simple things, read the Bible, find out what it really teaches, then do it.

Often we chose not to do things because they are difficult but think if by doing what is right you solve the problems of the world – that child will see, the older person will live contentedly then it is a no brainer.

Take care to begin with reading something every day.



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