Can be a demonstration of stoicism being determined to do something although the situation makes it difficult. We admire resolution! No we don’t we prefer resolution to incorporate the resolving of issues, delivering clarity or improving our understanding.

The reason for that is every martyr is resolute. Determined to finish what they had started.

Extremism is probably the ultimate expression of unconditional support for what someone believes.

Beating extremism

Governments have resolved to beat extremism and break down the barriers to integration. Sadly unless everyone believes the same or follows the same path this approach either raises more barriers or disenfranchises the victims.

Policy made in haste has lead to real issues. For example we have in Russia a no violent and non-political group who are recognized as law abiding citizens labelled as extremist because they fail to acknowledge and support the government and orthodox religion in their literature.

The ideology that there can only be one right way to worship God is now extremist. If you advocate Theocracy you are an extremist because you acknowledge that God’s laws have primacy.

Based on the same logic every politician that doesn’t vote for the government is opposed to them and if they advocate alternate solutions then it is an expression of discord.


Governments cannot control thoughts, therefore they can never know who is a risk to society until they have acted.

Seeking to integrate incompatible ideology is like trying to mix oil and water. The agitation in the mixing creates massive levels of instability.

So human governments no matter how totalitarian they become will never prevent opposition and therefore conflict. One persons freedom fighter is another persons terrorist.

So those who accept that exclusive devotion to God, those who advocate God’s Kingdom, those who accept that Christ died for all must recognize that they will be separated for special attention in the coming months.

True Christians will not hide behind political correctness, nor will they tickle the ears of the listeners the Gospel is clear – we pray for God’s Kingdom to rule on earth as it it in heaven.

Whilst we commit ourselves to peace we create violent opposition so be prepared for a stormy period.

Almost 100 years ago a great evangelist preached that “religion is a snare and racket” mixing in political and social reform, presenting alternatives to Gods Kingdom as the solution to humankind’s problems.

If you want to know how to beat extremism, see resolution in action then follow this link to the begin your personal search of what the Bible really teaches


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