Microsoft – Cyber Update

Just watched the news in the UK and heard the report that the CEO of Microsoft somehow blames Governments for the issue.

Let’s get this right – Microsoft know there is a problem with the old technology OS, they know that because they won’t co-operate with Government Law enforcement bodies, the the law enforces are going to look for ways to get into the systems in the wake of 9/11.

Microsoft upgrade the OS repeatedly because there are flaws in most of their OS. The fact the wholes are found is somehow someone else’s fault because they have to look for them can’t be a serious defense.

Old cars

I buy older models of car (auto’s). Now a few years back I bought a model that was about two years old, kept it for around 4 years which meant the model shape had changed and the engine specification had changed.

Now just as I was about to replace the vehicle the manufacturer (because I had to register the vehicle) contacted me to say that there was a possibility that due to manufacturing problem the fuel tank could cause problems and potentially in the worst case scenario cause death.

They offered me a replacement fuel tank and software at no charge or discount on a replacement model.

The same applies to other equipment I have bought. The manufacturer accepts liability when there is a design fault or an issue because of a flaw that becomes apparent later.


As a windows 7 and 8 user I was offered a free upgrade to windows 10 but the XP and Vista OS that I had operating would have to be replaced with a new purchase. The problems weren’t with 7 & 8.

If you had been MS what would you have done? I’m certain it would have been different. Taking responsibility requires companies to own their mistakes however costly to them, sadly for Microsoft this could be the potential economic hit that has been looming for decades.

It is a lesson for Google with Android and other operating systems.

Inevitably criminals will exploit holes in systems because that’s what criminals do, much easier than robbing a bank these days.

So lets not get sucked into blaming anyone, all accept our responsibility and work to collectively prevent those vulnerable gateways from exploitation.


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