Fear for the future

There is a great deal to be said in favour of those who chose not to watch the news and media reports.

We see crazy decisions, hollow promises and economic risking taking on levels we have never experienced before.

In recent conversations with local people many expressed the view that the real fear has to be what we are storing up for our children and grandchildren.

The Legacy

100 years of incredible progress but society is no safer, no more tolerant, robust or resilient. In truth when we look at the whole picture it could appear very bleak.

However there is a legacy that does question whether this state of affairs is necessary. People can live in peace from the most diverse backgrounds, honesty prevails and individuals recognise that mistakes and accidents happen.

The catalyst for the change is more than reading Gods Word the Bible but doing what it says. I met someone who said that he believed in “do unto others as you would have them do to you”; believe it by all means but for it to be relevant we have to do it, no matter the personal cost.

How can you live without debt? Easy really, save until you can afford to buy or go without. A simple philosophy but clearly worth a great deal.

Jesus words in the sermon on the mount highlight the route to happiness, spirituality is the first step.

The Personal Issue

I like being different standing out from the crowd, so applying bible principles in my life enables me to do that.

For many that is the challenge – google news had an article today that stated those who believe in evolution are more intelligent. Oh how silly that is.

Intelligence is always measured by those who have something lacking in their lives. Intelligence doesn’t protect from poor decision making, bad judgement and things. It is seldom the answer because often the complexity of an issue created by intellectual application prevents anything from being achieved.

So should we fear for the future? Yes and No that is why the bible speaks of the “truth that sets you free”. Find out about this truth – read your bible and find out what it really teaches.



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