Taking Time Out

Personal time and regeneration is important to us all. Therefore it is important that we plan to set time aside for these vital activities.

When I really needed to refresh the mind and hit the reset button I was always too busy. Thinking that by doing this I would somehow be creating more pressure or stress. Who was I trying to deceive?

Failing to make time for refreshing or resetting our thinking and emotional state is a reflection of either arrogance or a lack of confidence. Either way we set ourselves up for all the stress related impacts.

A bleed in the brain

In my mid-thirties my body reminded me that it needed to shut down now and again. Following 10 days intense work, on one occasion working 26 hours straight to hit a deadline. Everything stopped for three months following a minor bleed in the brain.

Many thought I would learn my lesson, you can’t work, play, raise children and volunteer without something or someone getting hurt.

It did scare me but I made a full recovery, started taking medication to prevent it happening again. Then to everyone’s shock I immersed myself deeper into the cycle.

My issue

Fear! which was based on a lack of self confidence. Personal achievement depended on the approval of anyone else. If there is a job to be done give it to a busy person, so the saying goes. I have modified it from my own experience – there is a job to be done give it to the most frightened person.

My Employers sensed the fear and used it; we achieved a great deal but there were some many costs.

The Down Time

Time not for myself but for the activities that rest the mind and reduce stress. Focusing on my needs has never been important, the mental health improvements and emotional strength gained from just accepting that we are all replaceable.

So the message in this post is not to think we have to be the ones that must do everything. Employers pay for skills and a limited amount of our time, once they have used up that time you are giving them something if you choose to work on.

One of my employees once said to me that they liked working for me because I dignified them, respecting their skills, personal life and the value of their time. It wasn’t altruistic but from experience I learned that you get more from a fresh and well rested employee than you do from someone stressed and in fear for their job.

Take your own time and use it effectively.

Two weeks in Tenerife at this time of year warms the bones and refreshes the brain so back to work and painting.



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