Unrealistic expectations challenged

Everyday we are told to expect things to get better, improve or progress. We measure achievement, share success and celebrate tiny steps. Humanity is tottering from one crisis point to the next.

With everything that is wrong with the world we are still told that this is the best time to have lived.

We treat those of the past as somehow inferior or intellectually ignorant, it isn’t true. Why did villages live by rivers and have a second source of water, digging wells into the water table all across the world? Because they knew that rivers carried disease. It was only when cities became unmanageable and the poor were forced to the live in inhuman conditions by the wealthy did we begin to see the development of modern poverty and deprivation.

Personally reading through the shared annuals of civilization it becomes clear that with the intellectual leadership the compassion for the individual has all but died.

SO as we grew up in an area of deprivation in the UK, where poverty was a real concern, some meals were just what could be added to the potato base or bread we learned that escape was down to us.

My brothers and I escaped the poverty, use education and hard work to our advantage and our children never experienced what we had. It wasn’t positive thinking that created a dream, it was hard graft. Positive thinking often leads to inaction or entropy so those cursed with it had to be brave.

We left them behind, we found ways to make our lives mean something to those who follow and where possible made a real difference through our compassion.

I met a couple of those early positive thinkers who had decided that by setting the goal and telling everyone around them somehow things would work out okay. To a degree they have but not the dreams or the outcomes they saw. Life is very different for them now, had they taken their positive thoughts and channeled the energy things may have been different.

I’m not against positive thinking but when it creates an unrealistic world it can only lead to personal and collective grief. So as I reach the age of the “grumpy old man” it is my goal to challenge unrealistic, blue skies or dream-based thinking.

The third law of thermodynamics reminds us that the entropy of a system approaches a constant value of zero. Humanity without a reality check is approaching our ZERO point.

It really doesn’t matter who we are or what we think to change the world is going to take far more power than we have at our disposal therefore we need some external help. Now is the time to look for hope and find our faith.


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