Fake News – who do you believe?

News has never had to be truth! That shocks a lot of people but governments rarely feed their own subjects and citizens the truth. Propaganda is the usual edifying material the masses are spoon fed.

In the UK we know that every year when the 30 year rule is followed, things we were told at that time turn out to be so untrue many are shocked by the revelation.

Trust the Media we’re told. But experience has taught those with inquisitive minds that there are always four sides to the story, the media, the victim, the perpetrator and then the truth is obscured in the corner.

So what is news? The definition should be altered to reflect that it is information that the masses will find acceptable. Something that placates them and offers very little in the way of substance.

Exceptions often occur when enquiring members of the public look for the reasons for specific actions, for example the Invasion of Iraq.

Is it acceptable for so many educated people to accept blindly what they are taught or told by those in power? Yes, history has shown us that in pursuit of freedom the masses follow the leaders, the questioning minds stand out as different and are attacked, decried as fools or gullible and potentially too stupid to be included.

I am critical and cynical but with excellent reason. Nothing heard from the mouth of another person should go unchallenged. Just because Isaac Newton put something forward it didn’t make it a fact. Science teaches us to test and challenge but scientists today now follow the sect of celebrity. Our lives and the future existence of the planet depend on the message finally getting through, the powerful and the intellectual are interested in only one thing – themselves!

Oh, couch things in good motivation but at the end of most actions it revolves around money.

I have little time for the modern NGO with the professional beggars fund raising for aid and higher salaries.

The “uneducated hoards” have found a voice recently and with the coming populist votes expected over the next few weeks it will be interesting to see how honest the media and the powerful really are.

As an amateur economist I did some number crunching after the announcement by the IFM yesterday and to balance the books globally the trading growth would need to see exponential rises for more than one generation, economies are now so in debt that if “the people” asked for their money back or value for money based on tax no government would stand, every bank would collapse. No truth is unpalatable.

So who will you believe? My suggestion is only those you know personally and those who have earned your trust.

A sad reflection on the reporting I have read this month. Nothing is as simple as it should be.


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