What is your personal worth?

Take time before you dive in and answer this. The reality is only the cost of the raw materials that make up your body.

Not much, a pile of dust that is thrown on the garden or the rubbish heap. We could say that it doesn’t end with because so many things grow from the ground, however, the you we are looking ceases to be you once it becomes a pile of dust.

There has to more value to me than that

There is! In simple economic terms the value is based on what others are prepared to sacrifice to have you in their lives.

Interesting that family and friends can only give a small amount because our lives overlap and we are fighting for our existence on a daily basis. Recently a study reflected that because of the levels of debt in society many people are three paychecks away from life on the streets.

So we focus our attention on the value of others in terms of how much time and the resources we are prepared to commit whilst protecting our own existence.

The greatest valuation

As we approach the 2000th anniversary of Jesus death we can calculate a value for every human based on his sacrifice.

What did he choose to do that establishes our individual value? His death was part of the cost but also his life, the things he denied himself, the choices he made and the stand he took for humankind.

As a father I know that if one of my sons decided to dedicate his life to supporting a group of people who were ungrateful, cruel and vindictive I would struggle to understand why he put up with it. However Jesus knew that once he presented himself to do God’s will at his baptism in the Jordan that would the daily routine.

His life and works are exemplary. His teaching is valued today by billions of people, even those without faith. Yet as the Apostle Paul explains Jesus understood the big picture and his live, his relationship with God and his future was the value he placed on each of us.

The Holy Spirit

At Pentecost the presentation of Jesus sacrifice was accepted by God on our behalf. A perfect life, the only begotten son of God, the spokes person (Logos) and freely sacrificed. So you have greater value because of a shared heritage. We did nothing to have it attributed to us.

It was described to me as someone coming across an old vintage car looking a wreck and the only thing the owner will take in exchange is a brand new version. So the someone decides that the vintage car has an intrinsic value that can be restored, the price is paid.

The sacrifice is a horrendous wrench but the value of the restoration is worth it. The difference here is a life has been sacrificed on our behalf. That life perfect and one with every opportunity is lost, Christ ceased to exist, however as soon as the resurrection occurs we have the guarantee that God will accept the value on our behalf.

So our lives are precious. What we do with them indicates whether we appreciate the gift or like the ruler of this world have contempt for God.

Our response to that choice indicates whether we really value our lives.

Thanks for reading


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