Struggling with mortality

It surprises many people who know me well that I have no struggle with my own mortality. The truth has always been that everyday is one more than I expected.

So where do the struggles lie for so many? Does anyone have a real sense of immortality?

The Bible teaches us that as humans we can have everlasting life, not immortality because that life is dependent on all the things around us. We are creation dependent – an organism in a giant eco-system.

Physical Decay

The body begins a slow decline in our mid thirties, we can’t recover from it but we can delay the impact cosmetically. How much we invest in cosmetic improvements annually could probably pay off the national Debt of Greece but vanity prevails.

Our minds struggle, partly because we try to cram too much in at a time, we haven’t grasped how to recall information from the greatest storage drive the computer world has seen.

So we have this contradiction, the mind and body move inexorably towards our inevitable death. Yet somewhere inside we crave to fight for every last breath of life.

Understanding the flaws

Only through a detailed study of the bible can we begin to unpick this tangle, sadly few have taken the time to do this.

We die because life is unsustainable without intervention. Someone made a choice to cut the human race off from that sustaining force. Like an unplugged electrical appliance we can’t just reach out and plug ourselves back in. We require an intervention, another living being has to plug us back in.

Understanding that we are not in control is the first step to isolating our collective flaws.

So no death isn’t something to fear because we just cease to exist. What we require is help and that will give us hope.

Therefore my message to all those who ridicule those with faith is “don’t ridicule something that you haven’t invested time in personally”. It is like saying I read a book about Winston Churchill and saying I know him, total rubbish. To know Churchill you had to have met him, interacted with him and formed a relationship. Those who dismiss God have read the book but never taken the time to get to know God.

So to struggle with mortality is to begin to understand just how dependent we are on the things unseen.



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