Easter – A Pagan Celebration

In November each year my mind goes back to the day when a close friend died. It was the result of an injury sustained at work.

His loss left a great chasm in so many lives. When we meet up and talk about the accident around this time, we don’t celebrate his death, we remember his life but also how it was cut short.

Anything else would be heartless disrespect.

We remember, November 11 every year but is it a celebration? Again no!

The Redeemer

So here is the issue: the greatest life is sacrificed on behalf of humankind and the importance of that sacrifice is unmatched. Certainly every Christian will want to remember the significance of that life.

However if you don’t want the life remembered positively and properly how can you get people to miss the point? The simple answer that the Church adopted was pollute or contaminate the commemoration.

Take a celebration of Pagan origin and entwine it with the Christian event. Yes we have Easter as we know it.

Why would you want people to miss the point?

The simple reason is that the sacrifice of redemption responds to a challenge made in the opening account of the Bible. When God was accused of lying, with holding freedom and people chose self determination.

One perfect human showed that although the 1st human had chosen to ignore God and go his own way, he would go through all the trials that Satan the Devil would throw at him. Jesus died not so that all people would to come to salvation. He died so that all of us have the chance to come to salvation.

John 17: 3 says it clearly that we need to exercise faith in God and Christ Jesus. However if you cloud the event with chocolate, bunnies, pagan rites and ceremonies people will miss the point.

How does a magician make an elephant or jet plane disappear – misdirection.

Is Easter Christian? No! it never has been but it has always fallen the same period of time as one of the biggest pagan fertility celebration, just as Christmas is linked to a Roman feast.

Find out about the facts

Not everyone will be saved, not everyone saying they are Christian will be saved and few who think they are saved will be saved. Why? Because thy have failed to follow the Bible’s counsel, Jesus made it abundantly clear when he expressed the two commandments for Christians.

This coming week is time for reflection, remembering and then commemorating Christs sacrifice. Live up to our agreement with Christ and do all things to the glory of his father.


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