Religious prejudice

Just been on Tumblr to have a quick look at a couple of themes. The first was who is blogging about the pending Ban on the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Russian Federation. April 5 is the big day for the court ruling. Answer not many people are mentioning it.

Secondly religious tolerance in modern society, here the horror spiked. The vicious and often vitriolic content of blogs about people with faith are so repugnant.

Former Believers

The worst type of anti-smoking campaigner is the former smoker. Likewise the biggest critics for many faiths are those former members.

One I looked at in passing was peddling a story of deprivation, isolation and cruelty, the statistics quoted were incomplete and out of context and the ascertains were outrageous. Yet more than 87 people had liked the post, added bile to the post with comments and a few reposts.

It is clear if you have an axe to grind whatever is said will be negative and when shared in an open forum people will read it. No laws against that.

Here is the thing if what the former believers state as truth were actually based in fact then many of these faiths would be prosecuted to the full extent the law allows because politicians like to get aggressive with hypocrites.

So the pinch of salt and find out for yourself has to apply.

Society and Faith

If you believe the evolutionist and atheist we live in a wholly secular world where the origin of life is beyond question. Society proves that isn’t the case as many rational and clear thinking people have a faith, attend or are members of a church. But the minority voices have a platform based on freedom of speech and equality.

Now having studied sciences and looked at the complexity of life, the universe and the things we don’t know about my personal journey has led me to the point where I wouldn’t trust my best guess let alone someone who has no time to listen to me.

The arrogance of science is that it asks people to believe that the basic premise is right when all the facts aren’t known.

One of my personal favourites is that the first cells somehow knew that they had to divide and reproduce if they were to survive. How? As a cell died did it have the capacity to survive without programming? We know we can play with DNA but we still have to play with, the DNA doesn’t suddenly develop an idea that if I add a frogs marker to my DNA markers it will improve my ability to do x or y.

Too little is known and too much unknown to have a categorical answer to this most perplexing question. But those who express a faith in another life form are ridiculed by the so-called educated or intellectual ones.

Trust is earned

Having worked with many scientists I know how many of their own partners wouldn’t trust them to tie shoelaces or drive the family car.

One scientist I worked with believed in the 1960’s we would all be so dead by the year 2000 that if we didn’t change so many things and that the world would starve if there were more than 6 billion people living on the planet. Today he is dead but at the end of his work he concluded that was the best information they had based on what they knew at the time.

That is my personal issue – we have science rammed down our throats as fact and we must trust it only to find that in ten years time they need new funding so the scientists come up with an alternative approach.

Science and religion are driven by money and power. Therefore it is possible to draw a sane conclusion that neither science nor religion can earn our trust if they keep changing their collective views.

So do the commonsense thing and test everything and draw your own conclusion.

Back to the Ban in the Russian Federation

8 million Jehovah’s Witnesses are writing – not protesting or rioting but writing to the six most senior officials in Russia to ask them to intervene in this court ruling.

Why should all Christians be concerned? Because Russia is using the Anti-terrorism laws to suppress  religious freedom. Once the Witnesses are banned most other evangelical groups will either capitulate to Russian demands or be banned.

One thing is clear Russia has these laws, France, Germany, Italy and the UK have them in varying formats which means that only state sponsored faith will be acceptable.

Jehovah’s Witnesses will not physically rise up, they will continue to be law abiding citizens, many may leave the faith because of fear but when Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and countless other rulers did the same they weren’t broken.

Check it out Here


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