The spiritual person

Learning to reflect the spiritual person requires more than saying “I am a spiritual person”. Its more than doing things that others see as spiritual.

We live in a world of deception and the baring of souls; where every thing is both confidential and we have no privacy, no right to be who we are. In fact most of us are we those closest to us expect us to be.

The Spiritual Person has more 

The first point that separates the physical and spiritual is the acknowledgement that life is more than the physical existence. There has to be something that provides a context beyond this planet we live on, the solar system, galaxy and universe.

So we identify the seeker, the searcher.

What we do with the information we gather defines how spiritual we are. Many years ago whilst doing research into science, specifically physics and archaeology it became apparent that much of the information being presented as fact amount to interpretation of evidence.

Now there is a choice accept the conjecture or keep searching. Many of my contemporaries accepted what they had been told. Today they still hold it to be fact although the conjecture has changed more than once.

In the mean time the search went on. Because this offered a greater understanding, wider exploration and a chance to peer into the unknown as the mind wasn’t closed.

Becoming Spiritual

I have been asked if i think we are born spiritual and we are conditioned to close that part of ourselves off. The answer is I don’t know.

The journey began as a youth, looking at the inequalities and advantages different people enjoyed. The rights and privileges we have because we are born in country over another, yet we are all flesh and blood. I am told we are all related. So the questions began and the answers were difficult to find.

I have a passion for literature, science and art, an interest in design and engineering, skills in development and project management, analysis and rational thinking. Applying all those talents I began to ask what is spirituality?

The discovery that there is more unknown than known enabled me to seek answers. Personally the impact was not only discovering spirituality but a set of principles and values that transcend the material. Realizing that we have a greater accountability and thus far the human legacy has very few merits.

This spirituality has drawn me closer to the greatest universal power for “God is Love”. Love is principled, honest and accountable; good places to begin our personal journey.

For those with questions

Keep searching, keep seeking, keep looking because the way we live today is not the way life was intended, add the spiritual dimension and suddenly you find a freedom other desperately desire and can’t find.



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