Holding fast to Truth

Holding fast to truth is extremely challenging when we are unaware of what truth really is. The Media has accepted that the plurality of standards is acceptable therefore we can’t set our own standards without judging others.

For example the feminist demands that society accepts that women are unjustly treated everywhere. That women who don’t agree with feminism are somehow lacking intelligence or betraying all other women.

How can that be true? Is that the only acceptable way of looking at life?

The Truth about Freedom

Individuals have given their lives so others can enjoy freedom. So look at the freedoms that we inherit and ask how many of those who died would have accepted the outcome? I know a relative who died in WW2 would have cheerfully hung any non-heterosexual male because he believed it was an abomination. He didn’t die for a liberal society. Quite possibly if he had survived to the 1960’s in the UK he would have felt his sacrifice was in vain.

Truth isn’t untested, it must without the onslaught of all those who disagree. But freedom isn’t truth. Freedom is exercising a choice and accepting the consequences.

Poverty and slavery are abhorrent but for either to exist there has to be exploitation on many levels. Historical people were sold into slavery and trapped in poverty. Once free how they personally responded to the freedom by the choices they made is what governs the legacy their families have today.

Freedom has consequences and we inherit those consequences. Just as I can’t escape genetic issues caused by years of heredity we live with the outcome. Although it is years since poverty damaged our family health it will be years before those defects are eradicated from our progeny.

So what is Truth?

One statement covers it all “Your word is Truth”. This wasn’t an idle conclusion made by someone who had no idea about life, rather the word spoken of is the Bible.

I watched something today where a scientist in debate made a strong point that just because 98% of people believe something is true it doesn’t make it so. Popular belief said the earth was flat but the bible and science had already calculated and recorded that it was sphere hanging on nothing in space. That couldn’t be proved until the first circumnavigation of the planet by sea, then air and in space.

The truth could get you killed, surprisingly it still does. The truth about freedom today is that no one is really free. We all have one inevitability, we all die so all our work, activities, loves, fears and best efforts amount to nothing in history.

We will all be forgotten in human terms.

So how can the Truth set you free? The first point to acknowledge is that we have to search for truth and mean it. If I want to talk about creation with an evolutionist I have to accept it will be a battle of ideologies but if  we discuss the origin of life scientifically we establish there is room for both points of view. Then it is up to me to make my own mind up.



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